Pasting table content without the table

I have text set up in tables. When I copy the text and paste in another text document in Scrivener I also get the table.

Is there anything I need to do to simply get the text and not the table?

Moderator Note: split to a new thread, as this seems to have nothing to do with Scrivener’s philosophy of stylesheet usage.

The general purpose Mac universal answer for pasting without formatting, whether simple or structurally complicated like a table, is the Paste and Match Style shortcut (⇧⌥⌘V). This works in almost anything that is native Mac software, including Mail, TextEdit to stuff like Nisus Writer Pro and DEVONthink. So, good trick to know!

But, if there is a degree of formatting with the table that you want to retain, you will find it better to paste the table intact, and then right-click on it, and within the Table submenu, use the “Remove Table” command.

Thanks - this worked.