Pasting text using the default font?

Is there some way to paste text from the clipboard using the current default text font?

I’m importing a load of stuff from Mori (which I’d set up using a different font) and at the moment, I’m having to copy, paste, select all and then use the Show Fonts window to change the font. Am I missing something here? Mori has a ‘change to default formatting’ shortcut (which I can’t use to change everything to my new font, because it obliterates all the formattings such as bold, italic…) - is there a smart way to update the font over a number of entries in Scrivener?

I’ve found a semi-shortcut using the Paste Style option, but it’d still be great to have a Paste Plain option that used the default font.

Edit > Paste and Match Style.

This obliterates bold and italics still, though, but this is standard in all Mac programs. The only other way is to change the font manually or using Paste Style as you have found.


Well, there is the Documents/Convert submenu which might do what you want. I seem to recall the Mori can export everything as individual RTF files, which could be dragged into the binder in one sweep. The format conversion tool could then standardise the font across all of these entries at once without blowing away bold and italics.

I did try Paste & Match Style but it didn’t appear to do anything at all - so I ended up doing them all manually using Text::Font::Paste Style instead, and coping with the format loss.

Thanks for the help, anyway. Enjoying this app, which is more flexible than Mori (and in current development too).

Not sure that this would be your problem, but if you paste without matching style, realize you goofed, hit undo (or cmd+z) and then re-paste matching style, the “style” is now what your first paste was, rather than what your Scrivener default text style is, so essentially it would appear to not work. Try starting with a completely new document (and with your default text style the way you want it, of course) and do Paste and Match Style into that.

Just bringing it up because it’s something I banged my head against for an hour or so before realizing what I was doing. :slight_smile:

Thanks - but what actually happened when I hit Paste and Match Style was that nothing at all was pasted :frowning:. It’s all over now, thank goodness, and I’m busy learning the ropes of this app.