Pasting Web Sites

Greetings: I’m relatively new to Scrivener. I’m having difficulty adding web site to my research folder. Should I assume that if a web site has a “lock” by it’s URL, it is unable to be pasted in? That seems to be be pattern.
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Scrivener simply is not very good at that. You might have better luck with work-arounds.

  • Browsers often have a simplified or reader view. That might copy better
  • Evernote might work better for websites
  • I simply paste the link and then click on it to view it. Either notes or synopsis or comments can be used remind me what the link is about.

Welcome here, Joseph. As Steve indicates, the current Windows version of Scrivener has not been able to do this well for a long time, due to changes in the structures of Web pages that the software code this version uses has not kept pace with. The new version (v. 3; they’re skipping v. 2 so as to be even with the Mac version number) is due in the second quarter of 2019, and should do this right. There’s a beta available that might suit your purposes (or might not). Besides the workarounds Steve suggests, some people print the Web pages to PDF and then import that to Scrivener. I know … really clunky.

Many thanks Steve and David for your prompt and informative replies. Much appreciated. I think I’ll be able to wait for the Version 3 upgrade to solve this problem. The project that I’m currently working on is not time-sensitive. I do look forward to Version 3. Best to you both. Happy New Year.