Paths for importing/exporting preferences, etc.

I would like to save Scrivener preferences and keyboard configuration files in a specific folder.

As far as I can tell, you can’t specify such a folder, but typically Windows dialogs for items like that will remember the last used folder.

But Scrivener seems fixated on one particular folder, each time I try to export/import these files.

I thought it might be the folder specified in the New Project dialog, but even after changing that and confirming that new projects are saved there, the import/export dialogs still go to that other folder.

The folder it’s stuck on is one that at one time I did use for preferences files, as well as early projects, so at some point Scrivener “learned” a location based on how I used it – it’s not as though it’s reverting to a default Scriv-specific system folder – but it is not unlearning it.

When I change the name of the “stuck” folder completely so it could not be found, Scrivener goes to its parent folder, and the dialog loads with the old folder’s name selected in the “file name” field, but pushed off to the box’s left so it can’t all be seen (it’s so sad, like a lost puppy looking for its owner) and I can then navigate wherever I want, but the next time it opens it will again be looking for that same nonexistent location.

Where is this path referenced such that Scrivener is so stuck on it? The File–> Open dialog has no problem remembering the last used folder no matter where it is, as do the Compile dialogs.

I asked about this a while back and it got no replies. But it’s still bugging me.

Is there any way to get the Keyboard Shortcut Export and Import dialog, and the Load/Save Preferences dialogs, to remember a specific folder?

Most dialogs are able to remember the last used folder. But these keep reverting to the folder in which Scrivener is installed, which I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually gone to from a Scrivener dialog (what reason would I have?) and definitely not for the purpose of importing or exporting keyboard shortcuts and preferences. When I first posted, it was another folder they were fixated on, but it at least was within my work tree so I could live with it. I don’t know what made them switch to the S install directory

Every time I use these, I need to jump drives and climb folder trees to get to where I want to go. These dialogs refuse to give up this folder. They also open with a previously used file name already in the field (they’re able to remember something), but the first half of the name is pushed off to the left, unviewable, until I hit the Home key. Weird.

Is anyone else able to get this to work?


Seems to point at whatever folder I last specified/used while doing a File > Back Up > Back Up To.

I poked around a bit looking at .ini files, the .scrivx file, registry, etc., but failed to find where that path is stored at.

Thank you!

The Options dialog paths are tied to the Backup To path. And THAT path pointed to a folder I made very early on that no longer exists, and so the dialogs were defaulting to the Scrivener install path.

Makes sense now. Except perhaps for why all the Options paths should be tied to the Backup To path, but not the other way around, since the assumption seems to be you’d want to keep all those files in the same place, and if the preferred place changes for one, it would change for all. How solid that assumption is is another story.

(Obviously I don’t use Backup To very often.)