Pause speechto-text + keyboard shortcut

Is there a way to pause the speech without having to go into the drop down menu? This is a challenge when I’m working on something and need it read back to me one paragraph at a time. In Word Doc there is a little floating menu after you have set it up through their drop down menu.

Also several months ago I must have set up dictation so that all i have to do is click shift twice. Checking system preferences, it says that the keyboard command to start/stop text-to-speech is option escape but that isn’t working when i try it … thanks in advance

I added microphone icon to toolbar and if click inside file becomes active


Any menu item in Scriv can be assigned a key command of your choosing using Apple > System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.

Also, your Mac has a systemwide text-to-speech functionality — with its own key command setting (mine is fn-fn). That is a different thing to invoke (though I am sure they use the same underlying system facility).

((Am on the road w/ ipad, so am working from memory here. Hope I am getting this correct.))

Thanks so much! I appreciate it