Pausing Cursor (threading issue?)

When navigating the text with the keyboard arrow keys, the cursor will pause sometimes. I hold down the right arrow key and it goes through the text and then pauses for 1-2 seconds in the middle of a word and then continues. My computer is a desktop with 32 GB ram, an i5, and all running on a nvme SSD. I think it might be happening during autosave, but I am not sure yet what exactly is triggering it, but it makes editing the text very annoying.

Just for kicks, try turning off your antivirus temporarily and see if that makes a difference.

I don’t have antivirus other than windows built-in.

I was right I think about it being an autosave issue. I changed the delay from 2 seconds to 30 seconds and the problem went away. Again it is especially strange since I am running this on a very powerful desktop and it is saving to SSD, though that is saving to OneDrive so I don’t know if the sync comes into it.

Your call how far you want to go in figuring this out, but something about your setup is likely interfering with Scivener’s save to disk.

If it were me, after checking the low hanging fruit by turning off any AV, turning off OneDrive, etc.,I’d run it in safe mode just to prove whether it’s Scrivener or not—and it’s probably not.