Pay extra for Scrivener app on iphone?

It may be information that I could have found myself, but if anyone can help I would be most grateful.
If I want to use scrivener on iphone, do I have to pay for the app there too, or is it included in my computer version? If so, how do I get around the payment when downloading it?

I see this ended up in “Scrivener for Windows”, but I use Mac.

The Scrivener apps for Windows, macOS, and iOS are 3 separate apps that need to be purchased separately.

The iOS store—as a separate cost.

I’d like to add that the licence for mobile Scrivener is for both iOS and iPadOS.

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Thank you! Ok, I bought it. Now I just wonder how it becomes one with the computer account. Does it? My interest in this is of course to be able to keep working in the same project depending on which device I have access to.

You’ll need to sync projects using a cloud service if you want to work on a project on multiple devices. Dropbox is the preferred service for doing so. There’s a good explanatory here:

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Thank you! I have gone through the link you sent but I don’t understand how to access my scrivener projects, created in the mac and stored in dropbox in the app on the iPhone. I can create new ones, but how to pick up the existing ones? Also I am getting terribly nervous about overwriting/distroying a project.

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You might have missed this link in that text, which gives a step by step guide on how to set up Dropbox syncing between your devices, and offers excellent advice on how to ensure that you allow your work on a project on your iPhone/iPad to sync fully before opening that project on your Mac (or vice versa)


Once your projects are in the Dropbox folder that is linked to iOS Scrivener, they should just appear.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your projects, it’s never a bad idea to check Scrivener’s automatic backup settings, which you can do via the Scrivener → Settings → Backups pane on the Mac.

Thank you all. I realise I need my computer to rearrange existing documents and se things up, so I will make it work when I get back to it.

Hello again,
I am now back at my computer and the new document I thought I saved via Dropbox is nowhere to be found there, but only saved as on iphone. A different document, my main one, when I try to open it shows that it is corrupt and unable to open, although I then find it to be already open.

First, I wonder why my temporary document was not saved on Dropbox although I did all according to instructions, it just didn’t appear. I also must ask if this is really a good idea at all?
It seems to me this is a very risky way of handlening one’s work. What if connection is bad or battery goes out (as it can be when travelling), then the sync might not be ready and becomes a conflict and won’t open?

Something with Dropbox and probably not Scrivener. My hunch is that one of the syncs was not completed.

Remember that Scrivener saves to the file system, not Dropbox. If you configured Scrivener to save into the Dropbox folder on the file system, your Dropbox app takes care of all the synching–not Scrivener.

Check on Dropbox’s server to see if what you are looking for is in the “Deleted Files” folders. Such files are kept there for a month (?) or so–can’t remember the exact time.

Also check in your computer’s Trash folder, and your last system backup.

I think it is a “good idea” as for years I’ve been using Dropbox and Scrivener with no issues. Without digging into your issue, I can’t tell from here the cause or exactly how to recover.

And please do not rely on Dropbox sync as a backup.

A new thread on this problem might be in order (or if SysOps see an existing thread where to move it to, do that).

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If the iPhone is correctly linked to the Dropbox folder, but the project (or changes to the project) fails to appear on the desktop, the number one reason is that Dropbox is “helpfully” storing the project exclusively on its servers. More information about this situation can be found here:

Yes, you are correct, relying on Dropbox as your sole backup is extremely risky. More information about backups for iOS Scrivener can be found here:


Thank you both,
I made it work now, but I am glad I got a little scare as I will now be sure to have alternative backups. I will go to the link you so kindly posted for me and see what more to do.

I have a paid subscription to Scrivener for iOS MacBook. Is it free for the iPad version?

There is no iOS subscription version of Scrivener for a MacBook.

There is a macOS version (which runs e.g. on a MacBook) and there is an iOS/iPadOS version (which runs on iPhones and iPads). Both have to be purchased seperately. These are one-time payments, neither of them is a subscription.

Thank you. Yes, I mean I have a MacBook operating system version of Scrivener that I paid for and I was wondering if that covered the iPad version too. Thank you for the clarification.

Not to muddy the water or anything… but I’ve not tried running the iOS/iPadOS version on my MacBook. Don’t see why that wouldn’t work (assuming M1-series Mac: they can run most apps for iPad/iOS, just like your devices).

First of all, the question was the other way around: Can the macOS version run on mobile devices? The Answer: No.

And Scrivener for iOS/iPadOS does not run on Apple Silicon Macs because it is not supposed to, by decision of its makers. A wise decision, as far as I can tell from my limited user’s point of view, because the mobile version of Scrivener is customized for mobile devices.