Pay the Writer

One of my favourite rants.

This is brilliant! I am going to simply send this link to the next *&^% who asks me to do something for free. Thank you! :smiley:

Did he get paid for that rant?

Conversely, he states emphatically, in: … re=related …that as long as someone does him the courtesy of asking him first, they can use what the hell they like of his. Mind you, he was a lot younger then :wink:

I need an audio version of this. Then I can play it every time someone comes up to me at a social event and says

I have something for YOU to look at! @$ @#$%@ #%^#$% @$@ $%^@$%^%&@#$^&!@$!@!!

But I digress.

The point is valid. I think the best point was “I get paid to piss”. Why not? if you have a recognized name and can get folks to give you the money, go for it.If you think about it this is more common in professional ranks than you might think. My boss pays me a salary and has no issues calling me at any time. I carry a phone to be reached 24x7. All my employees are paid a salary. I will call them any time day or night. They carry a phone to be reached 24x7. As depressingly small as it is, I am paid every minute of every day.

For the record, I do like helping folks, particularly folks that I have acquaintances with like those here. I just like offering the help before folks assume they will get it.

So MM, you are good.

Oh, and Mr Coffee, I am making this a dead horse. Go grab your stick.

I get paid for being ill, but nobody ever wants my help with that… oddly enough…


I also do sorta work at the country’s (=the NL) oldest ISP which makes people go ‘Oh you work with computers? I have… blah blah’. I generally listen and then say ‘Oh right, you should run Disk Utility!’ (or some other mac-specific software) at which point they’ll say something about not having that or not knowing what it is and I’ll say ‘Ooooooh, you have Windows??? Oh so sorry, I only know macs!’

Found that that works better than going for the ‘I only know macs’ straight away, heheh.

Though I do agree with the rant, mostly, I also want to add: if people want to get stuff for free, and get it through amateurs (and I suspect, get ‘inferior’ quality), let them. I doubt you’d want to deal with someone not willing to pay for your work anyway. And there are, unfortunately, also a lot of so-called professionals out there, ripping people off. I’ve heard quite a few stories about pretty rude and incapable wedding-photographers… :confused:


Oh Jaysen, whew!

Hugh, I LOVED this. Laughed till I cried. Put it as one of my favorites. Aside from the fact I agree with and support him 100%, it’s super entertainment. His hand gestures alone are worth the price of the clip.

(So, Jaysen, where do I send the check? :wink: )

I thought we already exchanged that information! I’ll need to get the management to hunt you down.

Molly! Release the hounds!

Careful. My hounds might be more than you counted on :wink:

Whoa, whoa, Wait!

What’s that old saying?

I have no dog in this fight?

[size=85]I, uh…think I’ll go with that[/size]. :blush:

Someday I will need to tell you about Sir Gareth and Merlin. My great danes.

I miss them.

Ohhh, I’m sorry. :frowning:

Great Danes are wonderful, regal creatures. Aptly named.

Ooh I met two great danes this summer (first ones I’ve ever seen).

Imagine this, Nano (aptly named after her size) and I walking in a small town. We hear dogs barking up ahead, and though Nano doesn’t like it, we continue our walk.

At some point we get much closer, and I can see the paws of the two dogs under the fence (but I can’t see them through the fence). The one paw looked a lot bigger than Nano’s head. At this time, Nano freaks out a little and tries to run, and can’t due to leash so I get in between her and the other dogs. I didn’t worry about an attack or anything, huge fence in between, but what does poor Nano know about fences. She saw the dogs and heard their ENORMOUS barking (very impressive) and thought only of running away.

We take a few more steps and get to the wired fence so we can actually see the dogs. I look to my side and literally have to look up at the dog. Ok, we went downhill and the dogs had a little platform, but still. Nano would reach to my hips, maybe, in their place. So, with Nano hiding behind me, pawing me in desperation, I walked past them, trying to cover my ears because oof, the volume!

We hurried down, and I had to calm down Nano for several minutes afterwards cause they freaked her out bad.

They didn’t seem aggressive though, mostly barking in that ‘hey woman! hey dog! you! are! in! my! street!’ kind of way.

And they were gigantic…

Wouldn’t fit in my flat though…