Payment glitch?


I downloaded your wonderful Scrivener and immediately chose to pay for it. Did that with a debit card Tuesday 12/30/08. This is not a complaint but when I seek to use the tutor a dialog box pops up to tell me the program isn’t registered. It’s possible that I failed to click one button or another in the payment process but think maybe you should be notified that I very much like what I see so far and that I want to make payment and get started now.

Please check incoming and let me know if my payment – by Bill Eger in Hawai`i – was received.

You have a great product that will be perfect for a project that I hope to begin – or amplify work already going on – immediately. My only question has been that there will be a co-author who does not have a Mac. A university law professor on the mainland. He would be well served were we able to find a PC-platform SIMILAR to scrivener so we could work together as smoothly as possible. I put that question, which PC system would work best, on one of the forums and look forward to a response from your clearly apt and alert users.

Happy New Year

Bill Eger
Franklin’s Iris LLC
(808) 966-7872

Hi Bill,

Initially, Happy New Year to you too! I have performed a search on eSellerate’s database (our sales portal) for your surname, but could not find an associated order. During the purchase process you would have been asked for an email address. Almost immediately, you would have received an order confirmation to that email address stating both your user name and Scrivener serial number. I can only apologise for the inconvenience, but request that you go through the payment process again to get your Scrivener application correctly registered.

Although Scrivener exports to many page layout programs supported by the Windows platform, my best advice to your law professor colleague would be to buy a Mac! :slight_smile: Not just for Scrivener, but for a multitude of reasons. There are many fine alternative programs to Scrivener for the Windows environment (see for recommendations), but if you want to benefit from working on a .scriv file together, both using Scrivener would obviously be essential.

Best regards,


I had a few other matters at hand so, having attended to those, let’s continue with my mysteries.

I think it’s good news. Your message above was not seen for the simple reason that I thought you had sent an e-mail. I only found this because I put “order confirmation” in the spotlight and found yours above that way. And I had checked the ‘please notify me when a response is received’ which command seems not to be functioning.

That spotlight search also found a .pdf copy that I had made of my payment to you. I can send that to you if it will be helpful but it is my plan to re-send a payment after I run through a few steps outlined below.

But back to the subject at hand.

I am going to delete Scrivener from my Mac and re-install. Something isn’t working as expected. I am presuming that your answer is “yes” and Scrivener is just fine but have you checked all the operations for Scrivener 1.11 running on Leopard 10.5.6?

That update has caused a number of problems on my and many other systems as can be seen on Apple forums or talking with their senior tech support folks. The problems are worse than usual which is saying a lot. Time Machine, for example, has been totally disabled on many systems. Same with iCal. Same with other apps that are Apple software or parts of Leopard. It’s been clear to a lot of us for a long time though there are those starry-eyed folks who want me to sell a Mac to a law professor who are in denial on this subject so I’ll just drop it.

If the new download runs with the same erratic problems as the first, I’ll just find another way to work. It is my hope that I can do it with Scrivener.

Under no circumstances would I recommend a Mac to my law professor buddy. We can go into that later but it’s of no consequence. Neither is it essential that he and I have any writing project specialty program. If it were essential, I would get of us one and run it on a PC. I have several of those at hand. My friend – who has now agreed tentatively to do the project, by the way – is okay with his mainframe system at a large technical university which can run PC software but not OS X…

Aloha from the middle of the Pacific Ocean…

Everything will be all right.

Bill Eger

Bill, as the Lone Ranger used to say to Silver,
Easy, big fellow.
…or was that to Tonto? :laughing:

Anyway, I didn’t recommend buying a Mac, though it’s always a good idea.
Just wanted to say that I am running Scrivener 1.12 on OS 10.5.6 with no problems.
But I don’t use Time Machine. Wish I could help.
Could be that you need to reinstall Scriv but also Leopard and updates.
If there’s an Apple Store near you, I’d make an appointment and take it in.
Thanks for the cool volcano pix.

Hello Bill,

Sorry that I did not get back to you via email, I would typically do this. I did not have your email address to get back to you to though, only your Forum posting. I just rechecked to see if your original payment for Scrivener had gone through. It has not, so please do not worry about sending me a .pdf copy of your payment. As I stated previously, you would have received an email order confirmation with your user name and Scrivener serial number included if all was good with the transaction.

Just to confirm that the answer is “yes” - I am not aware of any issues concerning Scrivener 1.11 running on Leopard 10.5.6. I am actually using that set-up right now without any ill-effects to any of my Mac OS systems like Time Machine or iCal. I hope and trust that everything will be alright.

Aloha back at you from frigid Norway. Just off to clear some snow!


First, let me say that I am running 10.5.6 and Scrivener 1.12 beta and Time Machine, etc., and have had no system problems. Second, let me say that I know that that’s likely irrelevant since I’m also running lots of other software and configurations that you’re probably not and vice-versa.

Perhaps you could go into a bit more detail about the problems you’re experiencing with Scrivener on your machine while running 10.5.6 and Scrivener 1.11. What erratic behavior are you experiencing? When does it occur? Is it reproducible?. Etc., etc. Or did the reinstall of Scrivener resolve the issue?

In anticipation that we Scrivenerites can be of service.

P.S. Like your law professor buddy, I’ve worked in a Windows-centric, mainframe-backed, higher education environment. In many colleges and universities, Macs are not a realistic option, unless you happen to be in the public affairs, design or graphics area–if for no other reason than you can’t get proper support from the university tech side. Getting a Mac past some of those IS guys was almost as bad as the tenure process…so no Mac pitch from this corner this time. Best wishes.