PC-Mac compatibility problem (details)

I’m using Scrivener on PC (035) and Mac (2.0), with Dropbox to sync the scriv folder. I started a scriv project on the PC, and then worked on it a bit on my iMac. Everything went fine at first. I made changes to the project on both machines, and changes were reflected accurately on both computers.

Last night, on the PC, I added a new folder with four new text pages. When I opened it on the Mac, I got a Scrivener message to the effect that documents were added which do not appear in the binder. Scrivener (on the iMac) then placed those docs in a “Recovered” folder in the binder. So, the documents were indeed there, but Scrivener couldn’t or didn’t recognize them as belonging to a folder. Meanwhile, back on the PC version, the same documents are there, but in the correct, named folder.

I’m not sure what all of this means, but it appears that 035 and Mac 2.0 Scrivener do not sync perfectly, at least not with Dropbox. Can’t say what would’ve happened if I had moved the file old-school (email or USB drive). For the time being, I’m going to discontinue working on the project across both machines, but would appreciate any guidance on what might be happening here.

It means that the .scrivx file didn’t update, so although the new files were uploaded, the Mac didn’t get the latest version of the .scrivx file. This can happen if the upload to Dropbox isn’t completed on the first computer (because the computer is put to sleep, the network connection shut off, etc.) or if the download sync on the second computer isn’t completed before opening the project. Since Scrivener projects are made up of multiple files, many of which will update during the course of working, you’ll need to make sure that Dropbox has a chance to sync all the files, so be sure to wait and watch for the icon to switch and stay on the green checkmark.

Thanks…I think, yes, the problem may have been that the Mac wasn’t done syncing when I opened Scrivener.

Due to the file corruption, I deleted the file from the Mac, which unfortunately deleted it from Dropbox and also my PC. Lost a scene. Lesson learned for me: not to use Dropbox for the working copy of Scrivener (or anything else!), just as a backup.

Oops! If you’ve also emptied your Mac’s trash, you may still be able to recover it by going to the Dropbox website and choosing “Show Deleted Files” in your account; since Dropbox saves versions of files for a bit, you might be able to restore everything through that interface, although it may be a bit of a pain. At minimum, since it’s just a scene you’re missing, you might be able to search for that particular file and save that and then import it into the version you’re working on now (I assume you restored from a backup and just are missing your most recent work).