PC Windows 10 syncing with iPad using OneDrive

I am using Scrivener 3 on my PC laptop/that I use as a desktop computer. I’d like to sync to OneDrive to use with my iPad. I tried Scrivener1 with Drop Box and iPad and had all kinds of problems with bad syncs. I even game up on Scrivener for a while and just went to Google Docs and used that on both. But honestly, Scrivener is what I need to be using for a manuscript. Thanks in advance for any help! (The sync feature on the iPad only shows Drop Box or iTunes as my choices.)

Have you followed the comprehensive syncing guide?


As far as OneDrive. I think the official advice is still DON’T.

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Actually, the official advice is “sorry, not supported.” It won’t do anything “bad,” it just won’t work.

Scrivener 3 is more robust against sync conflicts for a variety of reasons. But if you do still see them, contact us so we can help you troubleshoot the problem.

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I use OneDrive with different computers an untill now i had no problems.
Keep aware, that the settings for the local one-drive folder are: alway keep on my machine → that makes a real file in filesystem. If you choose the other option free memory (speicherplatz freigeben in my german windows), there will be no real file on your harddrive - in these cases you will get an error saying xxx is not a file.
Hope that helps.

This is good advice for all “cloud” services. Scrivener expects all components of the project to be available locally.

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OneDrive. Works. Great.
The official advice is for OneDrive on Windows 8!?!?
Windows 8 is not even supported by Microsoft.
Current OneDrive is so integrated into the file system so it works even if you forget to set the the project folder as always local. If scrivener used more modern techniques like using a zip enclosure, then it could take advantage of OneDrive’s version history feature.
I keep seeing posts about the “enforced” DropBox. I just bought an iPad specifically for Final Draft and Scrivener usage. Final Draft let’s me save directly to OneDrive as an integrated iPad cloud service. Works great iPad to Windows.
Not happy about having to use a service I don’t trust or want on my devices. I actually may create an automation on the iPad to sync from Dropbox to my normal OneDrive location. A real pain vs just letting me save where I CHOOSE on my iPad.

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If you prefer, simply save your Scrivener projects in the “On this iPad” section of the project list. Then use the Apple Files App to share wherever you want.

Dropbox is only necessary if you want the convenience of automatic synchronization within Scrivener itself.

How about let me save my project WHERE EVER I want on the iPad so I can save it to icloud or Onedrive both robust sysncing systems uses by millions of users daily. If you want an example of a well executed file save system. I will give you the $9.99 to buy Final Draft for iOS, which lets me save and open from my OneDrive folder on my iOS.

Because an iPad doesn’t have a true file system. Making a location available via the Files App is the closest it gets.

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You’re not understanding/ignoring the fact that Scrivener has a very different project file structure to Final Draft.

What works for Final Draft does not necessarily work for Scrivener.

So, it’s saving the file with the one cloud system known to SAFELY handle the Scrivener project.

Nothing to do with ‘WHERE EVER you want’, just reality.

Of course you could demand L&L completely re-write Scrivener to meet your demands, but then, it wouldn’t be the same Scrivener. (and prepare to wait a year or two for that massive complete re-write)

You mention iCloud as a robust sysncing (sic) system. It’s lazy, works MOSTLY, can be a nightmare, and I say this as a now retired Apple staffer.

You haven’t mentioned why you dislike Dropbox so much. It’s secure, works as advertised, and the free tier is enough for many, many projects.

@kewms has outlined a work around if you really insist on avoiding Dropbox.