PD Images for Covers and Interiors

I’m doing my best to brighten up my books with images. If you’re doing the same, then you might be happy to learn that some 2.56 million images from Internet Archive and being hosted online:

techdirt.com/articles/20140 … line.shtml


And most important of all:

flickr.com/photos/interneta … 784850762/

Keep in mind:

  • There are millions images in the collection, so be as specific as possible in your search.

  • Keep in mind these are pictures and sketches from old books. Don’t expect high quality.

  • This is best for book set before 1923.

  • You can search for author and title to find images from a specific book, although that is muddled.

  • Expect glitches. A lot of the process was automated.

–Michael W. Perry