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I’m using Scrivener 3 for Windows and I’m probably doing something wrong, but I cannot get any links within the document to work when I compile as a PDF.
I’m creating a help doc and am compiling a subset of the manual which includes a TOC and the first two sections. The TOC page is blank and the links don’t seem to be there. I made sure the “Remove all hyperlinks” option is not selected in the compile options but they still don’t work. I’ve compiled the doc to Word, and the TOC still isn’t there, but the link works.
Do I need to recreate the TOC and then just compile it to Word and save as a PDF or is there a way to make it work directly to a PDF correctly.

The matter of PDF cross-links has been discussed recently in a few threads already.

I’d say on the matter of the ToC, it does sound like it would help to create it again. It doesn’t dynamically adjust depending on what is being compiled, so it has to be rebuilt if you compile a subset. Note that if you use heading 1, 2… styles then it may just be easier to insert a ToC in Word.

Thank you! I had seen a couple of posts about the links in PDF exports, but they were all old so I wasn’t sure if it was still an issue or not.

Yeah unfortunately it is a limitation in the toolkit that goes back to the very beginning, but it does remain relevant.

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Can’t make links work compiling into PDF. There is no such option, although in the tutorial vids on YouTube such option is present.
Does anyone know why this feature was removed from Scrivener and if it will ever come back?

Thanks in advance

Alright, just checked. It seems the feature is present, but for some reason called “Transform links to documents for reverse link to Scrivener”. In Russian this just doesn’t make any sense. Also, the links don’t work in a document after compiling.

I have merged your post with an existing thread on this same topic.

The option you mention is poorly translated I think. It would make each link point to back to Scrivener itself, and open the item that the link is meant to refer to, in the main editor. It is a proofing tool, not something you would share with anyone that does not also have the full project. I don’t know why the links are not working for you, perhaps the PDF reader does not allow special links like this, that control other software.

At any rate, PDF internal links (cross-referencing from one section to another) are not a thing Scrivener can do. You can read more about that above. If you are meaning to create something that works beyond simple proofing, it is best to compile to a word processor format and create a PDF from there, such as LibreOffice or Word.

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i am using scrivener 3 for windows. i need to know how to create a linked table of contents in a compiled pdf file. i am not technical so i need detailed directions. please state what program i need to be in with where to go and what to do. thanks.

Scrivener, Edit > Copy Special> Copy documents as ToC, Paste in empty document, run Print Preview to resolve page numbers

Page numbers appear but there is no links. Not sure what else to do except bring text into Word and save as PDF.