pdf "Copy Selection" scrambled

Hi, loving Scrivener until now. It’s really helping me to get organized but there is suddenly a problem with the pdf “Copy Selection.” It used to work almost perfectly until recently (after the update?)

Here is a copy of a sentence from “Copy Selection” from the pdf within Scrivener.

wFhbaatt tthhee rwoorrddss rweerree wwhhilcchh ffoo:r:mmedal tthee bbaassilss ooff tthee cooonaccllusiloonn

If I open the same pdf in the external editor through Scrivener, which is Nuance Power PDF, highlight and copy the same sentence from the text box, it comes out perfectly:

what the words were which formed the basis of the conclusion

The “Copy selection” used to work about as well. Any suggestions? Could it be a anti-keylogger (Zemanna) or anything like that?


Hi again,

After doing a little experimenting, closing Scrivener fixed the “Copy Selection” well enough for it to paste without scrambling, but in the process of saving the project upon closing Scrivener, it showed a “bad allocation” error when the project was almost done saving the backup. It is a huge project, more than 1.5 gigs, so maybe that doesn’t help.

Fortunately, all of the latest text was still there in the writing.

Could the two issues be related?

For the record, this is v

In case someone else runs into this, it looks like the problem was SpiderOak, the encrypted cloud storage that is “zero knowledge” and encrypts on the computer systems instead of the cloud servers.

Specifically, there is the option to save a copy of the project to disk, which encrypts it locally and stores it locally. So perhaps that was the reason for the garbled text. Disabling that seemed to fix it.

Thanks for the follow-up! Glad that you’ve got something working now.