PDF files included in compile

I am putting together a project that includes references to many documents that are pdf files, not text files. These pdf files may contain images, drawings, handwriting, or typewritten text that was scanned.

I want to create a final book that includes these pdf files and reference them from my written text. I know I can’t directly put the pdf files in the binder. I also know that I can convert the pdf files to images, one image from each page, and then insert these images into a document that I can put in the binder. But that is pretty tedious, since I have hundreds of pages in these pdf files.

Is there a simpler way to concatenate all these pdf files into my final document, compiled by Scrivener? If not, does anyone have a suggestion for how to, externally from Scrivener, produce such a final document?


No, it is not possible to incorporate PDF files into a Scrivener-generated output document. You would need to use an external editor for this.


You can, however, do this easily in preview on the Mac, or via Adobe Acrobat on PC.


Compile your main document to PDF. Open the created PDF in preview, open the other PDF’s and combine per the above.

Hope that helps.

I see other threads where people reply that they have no “new topic” link. It appears that it is only possible for some people to reply and not to post a new question. Is there a criteria in that new members aren’t allowed to ask a question or is it that the link doesn’t appear in some browsers? Is there any actual support for Scrivener, especially after the disastrous 2016 update that finally installed. I know not to allow updates to most programs, but I thought this was a good program with ethical developers. My heart broken yet again.

Correct. You need to be logged in.

The forum is a user forum. L&L has an official support function via mail but also answer questions in here.

What disastrous update? My version works perfectly.

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