PDF in editor or compile


I use PDFs out of scapple and insert them as vector graphic so they print cleanly on compile. For the Mac this works wonderfully, however for iOS, although I can see the PDF files in the references, I can’t in the iOS editor. I don’t want to use JPG/PNG files as these generally print at a terrible resolution out of scrivener … is embedded PDF support likely to appear in the iOS version?

Thanks in advance.

Any news on this question?

Hi Mike,

Sorry, this is a limitation of Apple’s iOS text system - it just does not support embedded PDF files. iOS’s support for the PDF format is lacking in general - it is not possible to create an image from a PDF file and display it on screen at all, because on iOS, the standard “image” class does not support PDF files (and Apple uses this class for images inside the TextKit).

So I’m afraid that we are reliant on Apple adding PDF support to its editor for this. This is why, to avoid losing data between iOS and macOS, we show a PDF file placeholder in the editor when a PDF file is present.

All the best,