PDF Inversions

:question: I have imported a few pdf files to me binder and they are ‘upside down’ by that I mean the last page is first? This is causing a lot of unnecessary hassle when it comes to c&p material from one doc to another? (they are my own PDF files so no copyright issues) :question:

Ie … the document scrolls from page 70-1 instead of 1-70 (effectively ordered backwards) so if you want to copy something from page 60-61 you can’t as the selection will only run down to 59 … :unamused:

There must be something wrong with the PDF files - Scrivener just uses the Cocoa PDFKit to display the PDF files, so you see exactly what you would if you opened the PDF files in Preview.

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I’d check whether you have the “Print in reverse order” set in whatever word-processor you used to produce those PDFs. Would you have set it to do that because you wanted the your printer to stack the printout with the first page on top rather than the last — some printers stack printed-side up with the result that the top of the stack is the last page unless you tick reverse order.


Thanks both - I reckon Mark may have answered the problem! I shall check that out … they are pdfs I have created myself so it is equally likely I have done something stoopid!