PDF Problem

I recently compiled part of a project to a pdf file to pass to someone for proofreading. They converted the file to read on their Kindle, and while reading discovered numerous lines were duplicated at regular intervals that aren’t duplicated in the original.

On investigating the pdf file, I noticed that the final line of some pdf pages were duplicated on the first line of the following page, however this duplicated line is hidden! For example, when searching for the word ‘sinuous’, it should only be found once, but it has been found twice - the second instance apparently invisible, and I am able to copy and paste it elsewhere! These duplications doesn’t seem to appear on every page, only when the new pdf page intersects a paragraph.

Am I doing something wrong?! What can I do to resolve it? Thank you in advance.

Compile to PDF is from time to time problematic. It does on occasion a bunch of weird things.
You could try to compile to another format, and then convert it to pdf in a third party software such as Calibre (which is free).

Or, in the case of your friend, from another format than PDF to Mobi, again using Calibre. (Or just compile straight to Mobi yourself, for that matter.)

You could also try to compile for “print” instead than for PDF, but print to PDF :

→ Note, on the other hand, that compiling for print has issues of its own ; and that it is possible that you end up with a compiled output to which some pages are missing. Just make sure everything is there before moving on to your next step.

Last, I would say that you could experiment with compiling to a PDF with a slightly different page size or margins – maybe that will untrigger whatever your issue could be called.

Hopefully, one of these will be a suitable solution for you.

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Thank you very much for the detailed solutions! The ‘Compile for Print’ and Microsoft Print to PDF seems much more reliable, and seems to preserve more of the formatting too, though the file size is much larger (200MB vs 1.5MB! - Is that the embedded font causing this?), but not an issue.

Thanks for your time!

200mb ??
Something is not right.


Quite! I think it must be product of Scrivener embedding fonts within the data that’s sent to the Microsoft PDF printer (each font equals around 500MB apparently). I instead I converted the document to a Word file, and then converted to a PDF - it’s only 1.77MB now…!

Problem solved. Thanks for the advice.

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