PDF problems

New to Scrivener, and very much enjoying it so far, but…somewhat similar to a prior post, I have one of two problems when importing PDFs into the Research folder, it either:

  1. seriously degrades the image or
  2. it lops off half the PDF.

What is happening in the latter instance is that I have a PDF of a writing workshop handout and the right quarter of each page is missing, as if it were a partial snapshot of the screen. Anyone else having this difficulty?

I have tried Research > Add > Files and the alternate > Add > Web Page, to no avail.

sounds like you have a LANDSCAPE pdf
Scrivener doesn’t show landscape properly-- whether pdf, xls, doc, etc.
I make it a project reference then, when I need to see it, right click it, tell it to open it in default editor

Ah! That is unfortunate. Thanks for the tip. Here’s hoping they fix that little bug someday.

I came looking for an answer to this problem also. I have one pdf scan which is not opening fully across-ways, and yes, it is likely to be a ‘landscape’ scan. Looking forward to a fix for this also.