PDF Table of Contents

I have a question about compiling for PDF; my apologies if it’s been answered elsewhere, but I can’t seem to find it.My question is about the table of contents in a PDF: when you work with PDFs, they often have a table of contents displayed in a sidebar to allow you to click through the document.

How can I create this kind of table of contents in a PDF document when compiling to PDF in Scrivener? In this case I’m not referring to or using Scrivener’s impressive ability to create a table of contents (copy documents as TOC, etc.), Is having a Table of Contents within Scrivener necessary for this task?

I just want the PDF document I’ve compiled from a bunch of ‘sections’, ‘sub headings’ and ‘headings’ documents to more or less replicate the binder structure in Scrivener in the compiled PDF’s table of contents. When I go to compile → edit format → PDF Settings, “Generate PDF outline” is selected, but doesn’t seem to be doing what I might expect it to.

Hopefully I’ve phrased my question/dilemma in a way that is clear; any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Have you assigned a section layout that generates a visible title? For me, that’s all that’s needed to make it work.

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Thanks JoRo; that tip worked and now I’m seeing a visible table of contents in the PDF. :slight_smile:


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