Pdf very big! (from Windows Forum)

Good morning.
I am writing from the Windows forum (https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/pdf-very-big/32899/1).
Is it possible to ask a Mac-User if we are pleased to compile the back-up contained in the post?
To us the pdf comes out of 3000 kb!
Thank you very much.

I just compiled my entire novel as PDF (using defaults for everything) - 460 pages = 774kb

Unfortunately my version of Scrivener is not the latest so I couldn’t open your document.

UPDATE: I just upgraded to 2.8.1 and Compiled your .prv to pdf. Result: 24kb.

This time I compiled to PDF using the font you supplied (I ignored the .ini file, I have no idea what that is) - result: 25kb