pdf viewing quality within Scrivener

I’m new to Scrivener, and just trying out the Beta to see how it works and if it can replace some of my current research and writing workflow. I especially like the possibility of viewing research files alongside my writing text, all in one Window.

I’m having problems, though, with viewing pdf files within Scrivener. I’ve imported several, and some of them look fine, but others are very poor quality.The ones that I’ve had problems with are pdfs made from a scan (I scanned them myself), and pdfs from older journals on JSTOR (which may have been generated by scans on their end, but I don’t know). These are very poor quality, sometimes to the point of being unreadable unless zoomed to 200% – and even at 200% they are not very crisp, and not at all comparable to their quality when viewed in Adobe Reader.

Is there a setting somewhere that I’m missing, that would improve the pdf quality?

I’m just bumping this because I’m experiencing the exact same thing, also with Jstor articles. The text is just about readable, but really diminished. Any advice?