PDF won't save in Acrobat Reader (error 110)

I recently put a substantial amount of work into marking up a PDF in Acrobat Reader to save in my scrivener file (I opened it from the scrivener file). When I try to save the file, I first got this error message:

“The document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document (110).”

This persisted through a few rounds of trying to save it. Now the save option in the drop down menu is greyed out.

I CAN however “save as.” So my question is - where is the default folder that PDFs opened from scrivener files get saved with markups? I’m thinking I may be able to work around the problem if I can manually save it to the correct folder.

thank you in advance for your help!


That’s not a bad line of thinking, but rather than messing with the internal storage areas of the project format, I would suggest this route instead:

  1. Save the PDF to a temporary location like Desktop or Downloads.
  2. In Scrivener, select the old PDF in the binder.
  3. Use the Documents ▸ Replace Media File… menu command and use the file selection dialogue to locate your updated PDF.

That will handle all of the internal work for you in a safe and easy manner.