PDFs not viewing properly in internal editor in Windows


I just downloaded the Windows trial version of Scrivener and like it so far… but am having some challenges viewing PDF files properly within Scrivener.

First, when I open a PDF in Scrivener which is in Landscape format, part of the PDF (the right part) is cut off. What’s more, I can’t find any sort of way to “resize” the PDF so I can view it in full.

Also, if I have highlighted parts of the PDF in an external editor (like Adobe Acrobat or Nitro PDF) and then try to view it within Scrivener’s internal editor, the highlight blocks out all the text. All you can see is highlight. No words. And I must open the document in an external editor to see the highlights AND words properly.

Is this a bug? Anyway to fix this? Please let me know. Thanks.


This isn’t a reply, per se, but a seconded motion - I, too, have been having issues viewing pdf files in Scrivener and it’s really starting to annoy. I posted this question/concern awhile ago, but no one ever really responded, so when I saw this post, I thought I’d support it. When I open a pdf in Scrivener, I sometimes get the landscape/cut off problem and weird alignment issues, but my BIGGEST complaint is that the document looks like a bad third generation fax, even when it looks perfect in the original (as if it were actually created in Adobe and not just scanned in). (For reference/info purposes, the pdf’s I import are almost all articles downloaded from jstor). I don’t ever highlight anything in the original docs, but I suspect that that problem is related to this one. At this point, I don’t even necessarily care if there is actually a fix - I just want to know if this is something I should expect with Scrivener, or if I’m doing something wrong (importing incorrectly or something). If I have to “open in external editor” every time I want to read a reference article, fine, I just want to know that that’s what I need to do. Thank you for any help/advice/info.

the landscape format seems to be an issue with Scrivener
My landscape PDFs do NOT look like bad faxes in Scrivener, but the right side is cropped off, so I have to open them in the external editor.
I have the same problem with a Word timeline which is also in landscape format.

Not a reply, but new user trying it out. Am also having difficulty with right hand part of landscape PDF being chopped off. Anything that can be done?

the only solution as of this date is to “Open in an outside editor”

…to clarify just a bit, there’s a button for that in the lower right, circled in this capture: (note that the inspector is not open here)

It will launch whatever you’ve asigned in your OS to open the file.