Peferences Ignored

I’m running Scrivener 2.7 under El Capitan 10.11.2 Beta. Under Preferences -> Formatting I’ve set the text font to Times New Roman 12 and line spacing to 1.0. When I open a new text document the font is set to Courier 12 and the line spacing is 2.0.

How come?


Have you perhaps changed some options in Project > Text Preferences? These over-ride the text settings in the General Preferences so that you can have project specific text settings. (Both only apply to new documents.)

There’s a checkbox in Text Preferences which allows you to toggle this behaviour on and off.

Check also that the document isn’t in script mode, with a yellow binder icon and the script elements in the editor footer rather than the word and character count. You can toggle script mode via Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode. If the selected document is using script mode, a new document created will also be in script mode, so it’s possible this got switched on once by accident and is now just reproducing with each new document.