Percent Done Bar in Footer - Strange Behavior[FIXED]

I installed the new .exe file this morning with the bug fixes from yesterday. Since then, the percent finished status bar has been behaving strangely for any document where a word goal hasn’t been set.

Instead of showing a blank bar or a full bar, it scrolls across like it’s trying to load the percentage finished and can’t…

It stops if I update the word count goal to 1, because then I have achieved my goal if there is something on the page. I don’t remember if it did this with the original .exe file installed, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t.

While there is a way to make it go away, it’s pretty frustrating to have to set a word goal on all research documents just to make it stop.

Closing and reopening Scrivener didn’t make it go away. I am using Windows XP SP3.

Yep with the new beta this issue has cropped up for some folks:

See that thread for a workaround.