Performance drops when using zoom functions

Just happened to see this post …

" And finally, View ▸ Zoom to Selection, which again takes a loose definition for selection = cursor, but is the only one out of the list that uses zoom in the sense of changing the magnification of the view (as well as potentially moving it, if the selection is off-centre)."

I’m using 1.4.2 on an MBA M2, running Ventura 13.6.6. When hitting Cmd + * (or selecting Zoom to Selection from the View menu), after some pizzawheel display Scapple zooms in to a screen filling enlargement of the selected note and then becomes semi-unresponsive.

For every mouse move, trying to zoom out, the pizzawheel appears for some 10 seconds. It looks like Scapple is busy with some extreme data chewing. By dragging the zoom button bit for bit, when the pizzawheel lets me, I can get out of this abnormal state.

Maybe this bug is already reported or perhaps it appears only with Ventura? In any way, might be worth a closer look by the developer.

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How big is the file?

Yes, none of that is typical behaviour in a simple test:

  1. Open a new board.

  2. Create two placeholder notes on opposite diagonal sides of the window.

  3. Select one and press ⌘*

    Instant response.

  4. How down Option and scroll to zoom out.

    Again, instant response.

As @kewms notes, it may be related to board size, or other considerations, such as lots of connections, high use of “expensive” border styles (cloud for instance has to draw lots of curves instead of four, or none with rectangle border), or simply just having hundreds of notes.

I’d give the beta version a quick try. While this current build isn’t useful for daily usage (crashes whenever opening the inspector), it is worth noting that it does include performance optimisations, and thus it will be useful to determine whether or not whatever you are seeing has already been fixed.

I’m splitting this to a new bug report thread that is Mac-specific.