Performance penalty with option "Show start panel when ..."?


when I open a project with around 100 scenes in a few folders which are displayed full-blown in the Outliner, this takes Scrivener about 30(!) seconds to start. And even after this, navigating in the binder is a pain until I traverse all folders (some caching effects seems to kick in then). All the scenes have barely more than 20 words of text, only synopses, document notes and a handful of keywords each. I am running the project from an SSD. I have no backup option selected.

This was really annoying. My workaround was to collapse the folders when closing the project, so that Scrivener only had to display a few elements in the Outliner on the next start. However it then took frustratingly long to open the folders and get to work. Then, accidentally, in the options I deselected “Show start panel when there are no projects open”. From then on the same project took Scrivener 3 seconds to open, 10 times faster! :open_mouth: Even navigating through the binder seems to be smoother from the start.

Has anyone else encountered this behaviour? Maybe this is something to investigate, because I cannot imagine why this seemingly innocent option should have such a tremendous performance penalty.

BTW: The Linux version does not show this strange behaviour. Opens in a snap with any option (Sigh).