Performance question - What should I check?


I am using Scrivener on a Windows 10,0.1945 8GB memory i5 processor

My project is approx 168,000 words, 322 documents with an average size of 799 words. Laptop performance is good/healthy. The system isn’t tasked.

I am noticing lag in saving, inserting the cursor, selecting words, and backspacing,…

Any suggestions as to what I should look at and consider doing? I don’t have the option to upgrade my laptop.

Could possibly be related to your antivirus that would be scanning the files as they are called upon.
You may want to whitelist Scrivener in your antivirus options.

I previously had a 10 inch “travel laptop” with about the same specs, and could run Scrivener on it without any issues.

If your hard drive is HDD, you might also want to defragment. (?)

Thank you. Ill check it …

You could also turn up the period after which auto-save kicks in a bit. (?)

Is your project on the local drive or on an external drive ?

my project is on our server on our internal, private network. Overall network performance is great and not seeing lag in other app which access the server.

For the server matter, I’ll be worthless. Not my field at all.
But: I’d say perhaps have a version of the project directly on your computer and see if it still lags or not.
You’ll have your answer as regard to the server and how successfully Scrivener interacts with it.

The thing with Scrivener is that a single project is actually constituted of hundreds of files.

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Thanks for the idea!

Just make sure to name that new version of the project in a way that will prevent confusion between the two versions.
Duplicating projects is usually, otherwise, non-advisable.
→ You don’t want to later realize having spent hours editing the wrong version. :wink:

If you are the only one working on the project, and only on this one computer, likely your current setup is not the best.