Period and math formulas


I have a problem with the way Scrivener deals with periods and line return.
For my manuscript, I write a lot of maths results that looks like the following:
(F(1, 100) = 9.999, p < .001)
The problem is that when those results are by the end of a line, Scrivener cut the “.001” after the period, even if there is no space, let the period at the end of the line and put the numbers on the next.
I could use MathType equation but those results are too many and too long, they have to be displayed on two lines, which cannot be done with MathType.

Is there a way to tell Scrivener to keep together the periods and what comes after if it’s not a space?

Thanks for your help!


  1. Add a zero before the period. (F(1, 100) = 9.999, p < 0.001)

  2. Put your cursor between the period and the zero and choose Insert > Break > Word Joiner

If you use this repeatedly, you could set up a custom keyboard shortcut:

  1. Use an interpunct / middle dot instead of a period. Unicode U+00B7

The interpunct would be so cool, it would make it look a bit old-school.
I’ll go for the word joiner, I did not know of this character.

Thank you Bridey.

Hope it works well enough for you. Not perfect, but a solution.

Yes it works enough for me. I’ll do a search and replace with all the “.0” " .1" " .2" …
I don’t understand why Scrivener breaks things after a period even if there is no space. Pages does that too, but not more professional layout softwares such as XPress or InDesign.

I guess that’s because Scrivener is designed to be a planning and writing program, rather than a precise layout tool.

Scrivener is the kitchen, where great dishes are cooked.

XPress and InDesign are dining rooms, where the different dishes get presented as meals in fancy surroundings.

Some of us (with simpler needs) are happy serving and eating our food in the kitchen, fresh from the oven.

I eat straight out of the tin can with Markdown.

Actually, Scrivener = Chef

InDesign etc = Maître d’

Tin can? Posh, or what?! No wonder you’ve got three Michelin stars.

Markdown out of the dog bowl or straight off the floor and I’m happy.