permanent horizontal scrollbar at bottom

No matter how I format or arrange a window there is a permanent horizontal scrollbar at the bottom.

If you are using Page View — menu bar > View > Page View — you may have the Editor window set narrower than the page limit. Try dragging either side of the Editor to make that panel wider, so that the Page View also shows a background.


I see no “Page View” You are talking about Scapple, aren’t you, since this is a Scapple discussion ?

Sorry, my bad.

That scroll bar in Scapple is relational, depending on how close in you get.

It will go away

  1. if you expand the panel to its limit, or
  2. if you minimize the zoom factor with the slide at the bottom.


The bug is that it appears when “it shouldn’t” - i.e., when the components on the page are nowhere near overflowing the edges. I think this amounts to a bug.

There is an amount of padding that will be added to the right and bottom edges of the used space, such that if you drew a box around the notes, the actual board would extend a bit beyond that point, on purpose. Here is an illustration of that minimum box size, where if I were to extend the width or height of the box by a few pixels I would start seeing scrollbars—meaning the white area outside of the orange box is the effect padding area added to the board.

[size=80]Illustration of padding added to the board[/size]

Why? Well, to make it easier to expand the board. If you’re already at the full height or width of your screen then expanding your thoughts out would be much more difficult without an area of space you could scroll out to and start typing in or moving notes into. It might look like a lot of space in this example, but consider that is all the space you get when expanding—that is the furthest you can add a note from the nearest above/left of the new one.