Persistent Settings Needed BEFORE release

I am pretty chill beta user.
But every piece of modern software I use can be uninstalled and leave my settings,
Today because your the updated bug I had to uninstall and BOOM am am back to zero.
Plan for failure and don’t make the user pay for your bugs like that.

Reinstall does not find settings.
When I uninstall for system or software reasons, option to save ALL Settings.
Then have reinstall come up just like before.

For what its worth, here is my experience today. I too got caught out by the SNAFU on the update installer and because I’ve never had problems with updating RC versions, I never took the precaution of exporting my settings before attempting to update.

I wasn’t able to locate any file which contained my settings so I took a chance and reinstalled RC19 by downloading the full 64 bit version without uninstalling the broken version.

The RC19 full installation on top of the broken one was succesful and I found my settings were not removed and are still in place and working.

I am aware that this may not always work but maybe worth trying before uninstalling a broken version.

F12 / Manage, at very bottom left / then, Save options to file (being sure to include OPTIONS in the file name), and also Save Theme Options to file (being sure to mention Theme Options in the file name too).

Worked for me.

Good advice.

Save Options to file saves all Scrivener options. Save Theme to file saves a subset of options related to Themes. To do a quick save prior to uninstalling/reinstalling Scrivener, Save Options to file is sufficient–that’s what I do for every beta rev. I also periodically Save Options to file for general backup purposes, so I have something to fall back to in the event of an unplanned reinstall…

See this thread for the explanation: [url]What's the difference between those two?]


All those solutions are nice if you are thinking ahead. etc.
But it’s just a matter of adding a “retain my settings”
during uninstall like many pieces of software do.
Greate for apps that sometimes need to be uninstalled as part of troubleshooting.

Hi Wordjoy,

I hope you don’t think I was dismissing the value of your Wish List request. I was clarifying what you can do now to ensure you never lose your settings again, in the event of a planned or unplanned circumstance. :smiley:


I run Scrivener on three laptops, so a one-time saving of the settings on one is an easy move to the other two. A one-time deal, until you make changes. Then do it all over again. I include the title of the work I’m producing as a reminder that I can take a look at what I’m loading first in the event of a complete crash or re-install.