Persistent Styles, thru Dropbox, on different machines

• My project is stored in a Dropbox folder
• Using version Scrivener 2.5 on both machines.
• Laptop is latest version of Snow Leopard.
• G5 Desktop is latest version of Mavericks

I have done most of my establishing work in the project on my laptop, including the creation of the paragraph styles. When I open the project on my desktop machine, the styles are not in the “Choose a formatting preset” popup menu and they are clearly not assigned to the text in the document

I have another desktop machine, in another part of the house, iMac with latest Mavericks.

How do I get the paragraph styles to be persistent across multiple machines?


In addition, font library is the same on all machines.


Currently, the formatting presets are global, meaning that they are not stored as part of the project but are stored on the machine and made available to all projects on that machine. You can find them in:

~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/

The easiest way to locate this folder (it’s actually in a much deeper folder in the App Store version) is to use “Reveal Support Folder in Finder” from the Scrivener menu inside Scrivener.

There, you will find a Styles.plist file. That contains all of the formatting presets information, so simply copy that file to the same location on your other machine to make it available to projects there, too.

In a future version of Scrivener, when true styles are implemented, styles will be saved as part of the project so that this will no longer be necessary.

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Hello Keith:

I was not entirely surprised that the styles were not in the popup menu, as a preference those are usually locked to the machine, I use both InDesign and TextEdit and they both exhibit that behavior. Applications have not entirely embraced the concept of the cloud, in that documents may need their supporting, accessory settings. Although fonts are an entirely different nightmare.

What did surprise me when I opened my Scrivener doc on the other machine was that the formatting of the text was lost. I have not seen that before. I will follow your advice, I hope the formatting appears after I copy and place the .plist file.

Thanks again for your help.

PS Scrivener is stunning bit of software, hats off.

One more thing…

Every application should have this feature, “Reveal Support Folder in Finder” from the Scrivener menu inside Scrivener."

Every application.

Thanks again.

Sorry, I’d overlooked the part about the fonts not appearing in the document. If the fonts are present on the machine, the text should look the same on both machines - that has nothing to do with the Styles.plist file and is in fact handled by Apple’s text system. It would usually be indicative of corrupt fonts if they are installed.
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