Anyone here ever tried this software:

It looks intriguing.

I haven’t, but there’s no substitute for downloading it and plugging in a few characters. I’d set aside some time to play with it, as their trial is time-limited, and so probably counts down from the time of installation. From the screen shots, it seems to focus too much on physical traits (height, hair color, etc…), but there is probably more to it once you dig past the surface.

There are four or five applications like Persona. StoryO and Character Writer are examples. There are also several “How-to” books which have lists of character attributes, and similar lists to be found for free on the Internet. In my experience, they’re almost all either too simple, or too complicated, or too tied in to a single theory of psychology or narrative, or too irrelevant for what one wants them for (leaning towards fantasy when one wants thriller characters, for example). Cheaper IME to read a couple of the books, select the best bits of their lists and then roll your own, in a table in Numbers, Excel, Pages or Word.

Detailed discussion of it in this thread. Although a couple of years old now, the comments suggest that Persona is perhaps not the most useful app sold by Mariner Software. :unamused: