Personal spell correction

I hope I am not the only one for this feature.

Some words I continually make input errors with. Form instead of from. Teh instead of the and so on.

Could Scrivener recognise these constant errors and auto correct ?

Would this be a module you could graft on from another program as really you should be working on that novel you know.



Sciv can’t do this, but it’s one common use of third-party text replacement apps like TextExpander and TypeIt4Me.

I will give them a whirl.


Typinator comes with an optional substitution dictionary for common typos, as well as the usual gamut of customisable type expansion options.

Is there anything to be said for spending a small amount of time re-educating your fingers in order to avoid making those transpositions, rather than allowing them to work themselves deeper into your muscle memory?

I’m a touch-typist and one of the first things one learns is that slowing down and correcting common mistakes is of real benefit later.

I think there’s a lot to be said for that, but here on the Internet such a response is likely to be met with indignant fury :wink:

How dare you …

Wait, no knee jerk reactions.

I never learned to type in a formal way, but by programming. So my typing is great when dealing with variable names (which are somewhat random). I think the problem is that some of use don’t think with proper spelling. Here is why I say this.

If I am coping a written piece i get the word correct. But when I type the same thing from memory I spell the words wrong. This is independent of which one I do first, it is simply a matter of where the information originates. The same is true of my sister, daughter, son, uncle and nephew.

Call me a freak (Lord knows enough folks do) but I seriously think there are biological reasons behind this.

I think there’s a lot to be said for that, but here on the Internet such a response is likely to be met with indignant fury :wink:

I don’t do indignant fury.
I know my place in life.

To act as a warning to others…


Curious Shade,

Young Paul, Thequietone is far too amiable and affable to even think about, Indignant fury. However, to suggest to certain other members of crew, that they undertake a programme of practice, with the intention of attaining a state of perfection, in any given discipline, other than, Procrastination and Pontificational Time Wasting, is akin to pissing into the wind`

Indignant Fury, in response to your eminently sensible suggestion, is just an allergic reaction, by some, to the, eminently sensible, and nothing more.

As Im sure Paul would say: a warm welcome to our little idiosyncratic backwater of tinternet.

LeD :smiling_imp:

(1) Open a document in SCR.
(2) RIght click (control click) on the text for the contextual menu.
(3) Go to Spelling

This is a system wide function of OSX and can be found in many OS applications.

It won’t “correct” your typing unless you use a third party app like Grammatican or something but it will underline it in red and allow you to highlight and look words up in the dictionary.