I’m really impressed by the high level of competence by most of the users of this forum, many thanks for all the great tips you write.

Someone that used this software may please share any thought about PersonalBrain?

Many thanks!

  • Marco.

Hi Marco.

I do not use PersonalBrain (got one myself SCNR). But go to and search for “PersonalBrain” - is has been discussed there a few times by a number of people who use their PCs or Macs for writing.


I think the idea of PersonalBrain is really cool, and I want to like it.

But I’ve tried it several times and just can’t seem to get it to work for me. It works fine for small amounts of data – but then so would anything – but once I start to use it heavily the interface just gets in the way.


I used to use it, and the one thing that led me to stop was that I couldn’t see ‘deep’ enough into the map to suit me. You have to get the paid version to be able to do that, and it’s over my budget (meaning it costs actual money :wink: ).

Now I use the free version of XMind instead.

Thanks for your replies folks,
I’m just trying to find a software that works as repository of all my notes (both papers, web etc.) and to made some kind of relations between them. But something “mac style” as possibile, in this the interface of PersonalBrain is a little intimidating (as which of DevonThink).

I loved to use 37signals Backpack ( a web based application, very nice from the point of view of the Zen like side of interface but with some limitations (and naturally, cost some $$ to have more pages).

Evernote is nice, but not so structured as I would have liked.

  • Marco.

EagleFiler ( Powerful yet easy to use. Safely stores everything in the filesystem, yet provides good search and linking features. I dropped DEVONThink for this after much experimentation.

I love the interface of PersonalBrain. I have the free demo, and from time to time I play around with it and ask myself: “What could I do with it? For what could it be good - good in the sense of ‘really useful’?”

Until now I couldn’t come up with a convincing answer… :frowning:

So, I consider PersonalBrain as a beautiful solution in search of a problem. :laughing:

I just wish it had a better name. What other kind of brain could their possibly be, other than a personal one! I can hardly think of anything more personal than a brain.

Umm… -->

Amber, I know you’re just joking – or perhaps not – but the “personal” in Personal Brain is to set it off from another “Brain” product the company makes, or used to make, which was intended for corporate, possibly network, use. I think personal means, single-user desktop version.

I too have been intrigued by PB for some time, but I’ve come to see it as a really cool facade to what is a pretty basic PIM, and not worth the money. If they offered it at $50, maybe. But not at $250!


Mine is also a single-user brain. Even mobile! Mostly useless, though…

[size=50]Uh, too much, was it?[/size]

At that price, it would seem that Tinderbox might offer a better solution, and it already addresses known problems.

Thanks Asaf, I’ll give a try.

lol, yes, I’ve got the identical feeling about PB :slight_smile:

eh eh :smiley:
thanks also for your exceptional archive system you wrote about in the thread [url]].
If Umberto Eco use an archive system it must be one of this kind! :astonished:

You’re welcome! And I cannot think of a better compliment than what you just said, thanks!