Phantom Fonts

Hi there,

Whenever I compile my final Draft into a Microsoft Word document, and I open it in MS Word 2016 on my Mac, the first thing I notice is that none of my custom fonts that I set up in the Compile format come through or show up; but, other random fonts, that I did NOT set up, DO show up, working fine. So, wondering what is going on, I open the document in Pages, and the first thing it tells me is that “This document has missing fonts.” So I click on the error message, and it presents me with a dialogue box showing the missing fonts, and offering me the chance to “replace” them with working fonts. The thing is, though, that in the case of some of these fonts (specifically, Calibri, Helvetica, Helevetica Nue, and Lucida Grande), I did not use these fonts anywhere in my Draft. So what gives? Why are they there in my finished Document, and why do some parts of my Draft (at least in MS Word) show up in these fonts, but, none of my OTHER fonts seem to come through?

There could be two different issues going on:

  • First, try RTF instead of DOCX. That’s one less layer of third-party complexity going on, and the Java converter is known to struggle with some fonts.
  • If RTF has the same issues, then it is probably just an issue with Microsoft not reading font identifiers the same way Mac software does.

As for the phantom fonts, you probably are using symbols or forms of formatting that automatically select these fonts. For example, create a list using the thick hyphen option. Add a couple of lines, and then select just the hyphen: Monaco. :slight_smile:

Helvetica is a base editor default, so it’s not surprising to see that creep in. Lucida Grande is an all-purpose font with wide variety of Unicode characters that the text engine will drop to if necessary. Helvetica Neue is a little more puzzling, but you must have it somewhere if it is in the font table.

Well, I’ve selected all my text in every document in my Project and told it to use the Body style I’ve defined in the Editor, which uses Legacy Serif ITC as the font face (which is an OTF font). And in Compile, I’ve defined all my Styles to use only Legacy Serif ITC (OTF), Comicopia (OTF), Comic Geek (TTF), and the AmazObitaemOstrovoBold (TTF) fonts — only those, and no others. And I’ve defined my Section types (all of them) to only use the Styles I’ve defined under the Styles portion of the Compile format designer. So I really don’t know where they’re coming from, these other fonts. I use a lot of em-dashes, which are coming from TextExpander, and I don’t know if it’s using unicode to produce them or not. But there it is. Other “phantom” fonts that show up as “missing” — and that I never used!! — include Adobe Jenson Pro, Babylon, Calibre, and Baskerville!

Also, I should point out — that when Pages asks me to “replace” the fonts that I did use (and that don’t come through in Word), I can see them in the Document working fine, even as it asks me this. So I replace them with . . . themselves . . and go about my business. It’s weird. But they do show up, working fine, even though Pages says they’re “missing” for some reason., But they only show up and work in Pages (which still says they’re missing, even so), and not in Word. And Pages displays the correct fonts. So I think this is a problem with Scrivener, and the way it writes the file.