"Phantom" target-session window FIXED

Please ignore this query. The obvious solution was to use Mac’s “force quit” on Scrivener. Sheesh.
When I reopened it, the phantom window was gone.

I’m baffled by this. An orphan project-targets window has appeared on my screen and I cannot close it. (This is the window that pops up if you hit “settings” on the project targets window.) It is not the project target window connected to my current project, which is working fine.
Because this phantom popup won’t close, Scrivener won’t close. And because Scrivener won’t close, I can’t restart or shut off my computer.
Has anyone run into this, or have any suggestions?

Isn’t there a key combination that would allow you to cycle through all opened windows?
A system shortcut.

I don’t know. Is there something like that on a Mac?
Oh right, I see what you mean. It’s option+tab. But it doesn’t help in this situation.

Opt-Cmd-Escape should bring up the Force Quit dialog, which would allow you to force quit Scrivener. If that key combination doesn’t work, it means the system has stuck. Continually press the power button on the back of your iMac to do a force shutdown… keep it pressed until the screen turns off.

Wait a minute or so before rebooting, and if you have a system maintenance app like Onyx, run that before you do anything else to clean up the system with its various caches.

Good luck :slight_smile: