PhD Completed

Hi Keith

Just to let you know that the PhD I have been working on for the last 6 years is completed and has been accepted. Scrivener played a massive part in getting the writing done, helping me to organise all the strands of my research far more effectively than any other application.
The great thing about Scrivener is that it actually encouraged me to write, rather than fighting against me.
A big thank you for all the time, effort and ingenuity you have put into producing this wonderful piece of software.

Congratulations on completing your PhD! That must feel great.

Many thanks for the kind words, too - much appreciated.

All the best,

It’s a corker of a feeling. Did you get to wear a crumpled bonnet or a mortar board?

Have you thought about posting your chapter headers and sections reworked as a Scrivener Template in the Zen of Scrivener?

Congratulations! What next?