photo ebook

I’m creating a photo ebook. I’m using Canva to edit the photos and add text. But when I insert the photo in scrivener. The photo shrinks and is not centered on the page so when you look at a compile half of the image is cut off. I tried using the poem template because there are few sentences. Do I need to change my template back to plain text? Any help would be appreciated.


You may need to use Sigil to edit the compiled files.

My free nonfiction book Drive, Ride, Repeat has a lot of images. I created the ePub with Scrivener and then edited it with Sigil.

I was able to dig up my notes on how to handle the images, and here they are:

PROBLEM: Fix photos in Sigil
SOLUTION: Centering:

Create a centered style called myimage
Find the style name for the photo paragraphs (e.g., scrivener12)
replace all those with myimage

Photo Width

Use Regex
Replace width="[0-9][0-9][0-9]" with width=“98%”
Replace height="[0-9][0-9][0-9]" with nothing

I also remember a lot of playing around with compression/quality of the images. This was back in 2015. There may be a better solution now.

This is what a typical page with an image looked like: