Photoshop elements - put an action on a keyboard shortcut?

In the course of my research for the book I’m working on, I have photographed many, many documents.

In the case of virtually every photo, I have to rotate the photo either 90 degrees to the right or 180 degrees, then re-save it.

Is there any way to put these three actions on keyboard shortcuts:

  1. rotate the image 90 degrees to the right

  2. rotate the image 180 degrees

  3. save, replacing the original image with this new version.

Yes, you can do so. Adding shortcuts to actions is done by editing the action, or during initial creation when you give it a name. In my version of Photoshop (CS6) you select the action that you want to give a shortcut in the main list, then click the little palette options button in the top-left corner and use the “Action Options…” choice from that menu.