Picking up where I left off.. (scrolling)

I hope I can explain myself clearly here, I am going to use the Tutorial as the example, since most everyone has it, or at least access to it:
So you are “working” on your project (reading the tutorial) and scrolling down. Then, you click out of the current document, to see another doc, or check a reference. When you go back to the document you were on, it has “scrolled back” to the start of the doc, instead of where you left off.
For example, I am on step 10, I scrolled down to the bottom, but wanted to check something in step 9, I click the arrow back to step 9, and then when I go back to 10, it’s scrolled back to the beginning. In this instance, I clicked the forward arrow. It takes me back to the top instead of “where I left off”.
I don’t even know how to “search” for this as an option in the preferences. Any way to control this or is it just something built in and that’s the way it is…

The document always scrolls to the cursor position, so just click in the text - that way it will scroll to that point next time you open it.

Hope that helps.

All the best,


I was just scrolling, and not “clicking” on the point I left off at… thanks