Picture in the back is not really in the back

If a picture in a scapple doc is “sent to back” it is not really in the back. Unfortunately it still overlays connections. Any chance, this will be fixed?

I’m not sure if I follow what is “broken” here and needs to be fixed. It is designed so that connection lines never obscure the contents of notes. They will always be beneath content, no matter what the relatively stacking of the notes amongst other notes are.

Yes, as Ioa says, this is intended behaviour. “Send to back” sends selected notes to the back of other notes if they overlap.

I don’t know if the picture sent to back behaviour is a bug or not but it could be useful to have the possibility to put a picture in background without to make it a note and without any overlay or any kind of interaction between it and the notes.
I use a Scapple document with a map in background (thanks Scapple, you’re the only mind mapping software to allow this). But it’s not convenient to move the connected notes if you can’t see the connections.

If you’re willing to take a small performance hit, you could use the background texture feature to place your graphic.

Thanks, it seems to work well. I think now it didn’t work the first time I tried it because of the wrong picture format I used (Pixelmator)…
If the repetition could be deactivated it would be perfect (I know this is the usual behaviour of a texture function !)

I would welcome the ability to overlay text and links over a picture. It allows me to annotate screen designs and comment on graphic/animation components/flow. Background textures don’t work in this context as it makes more sense to have a graphic and overlaid comments within a bounding box that stay together when moved. Sorry but I’d prefer an override for the intended behaviour when dealing with graphic components.