Pictures resized during compilation and paragraphs all wrong

I have two problems with my compilation. I’m writing a book with my siblings about our childhood and I’m adding a lot of pictures. I want the pictures to be smaller so more will fit onto a page. When I compile the document the pictures are blown up to the original size and are just too big. How do I keep them small during compilation?
After compilation some, not all, paragraphs are having half their sentences cut off and then taken down to the next line. When I check my original document the paragraphs are fine.
For example:
This is
what they look like.

Hello prattde,

I usually resize the images before I use them to prevent the corrupted page layout. Actually, I never had issues with the average images from Canva, for instance (even those taken from my camera), But once I did have my document corrupted due to the CorelDraw images (I had to create characters for my fiction (psychedelic) novel).