PIgfender's 36...AGAIN!!?

Rog, it’s OK not to want people to know how old you really are :blush: :frowning:


Congratulations on riding another circuit 'round the star of this mad, mad world.

Happy birthday! Does this mean you get cheap candy and half-wilted flowers as presents? :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

That would be the 15th! I get expensive candy and astronomically priced flowers. :smiley:
I also make a little money (usually about enough for a flat white) each year betting people I’ll get more cards than them.

Sorry Vic-k, if I was going to make up an age, it wouldn’t be this one. :frowning:
Also, what is that crazy creature? A cow with a pig’s nose? Also, should greetings cards for 1 year olds really be proudly displaying secondary sexual characteristics? MADNESS :smiley:

I nearly fell off at one point. I wish it would slow down on the corners.

Happy birthday,

:unamused: :unamused: :unamused:
very clever Young’n’ :wink: That’s wot cums of gerring y’sel; an edjumacation.
Uncle vic

Thanks Sin!
I do actually have a Fender Strat, but sadly no Pignose (shame, because they look great fun!). And, actually the name “pigfender” does have musical origins, albeit indirectly.

Sorry. It appeared that someone had already beaten me to the anatomically correct cartoon of a cowpig. :cry:

Guitars and amps always appreciated!


Well, sit back and spin us a yarn about your musical origins. I’m all ears.

Here I was, posting on your blog and it turns out it was your birthday 'n all.

Happy Birthday!

Thanks Nom! (for the birthday wishes as well as the kind words on the blog).

Sorry Sin, it’s not my birthday anymore. The window in which I can get away with self-indulgent story telling has closed for another year (probably for the best).

Closing Windows, huh? Now that’s something I thoroughly approve of. :slight_smile:

[size=200]TROLL ALERT!!![/size]

Beer cans in place of birthday candles.