Pimp My Ride

Rest assured that the picture does indeed tell a tale Vic. One night, when you’re all tucked up in bed, I’ll tell you the tale of how the Mini Cooper with the NSW plate got pimped. You might be a little frightened as you turn out the light, but the monsters under your bed will find it funny… :open_mouth:

UNDER IT!! The feckers `re in it!! :open_mouth:


Yre not even safe on a horse! Y dont think wed let you on the road in a car dy? :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

LEGIONS would agree with you. I almost think my little entourage around here has been in touch…

(I have a HORRIBLE reputation–entirely UNdeserved–regarding my driving. I am shocked and saddened it has somehow followed me here. Osmosis is entirely underrated as an international threat.)

Just gargle three times a day with this. DON`T DRINK IT!!!

Good LORD, vic, you are behind the times. That is one of the main ingredients of my world-famous Tidi-Bol Cocktail (the other ingredient is 110 proof something-or-other). It’s a perennial favourite, put me on the map in three continents. :smiley:

[size=150]worra dipso!!![/size]

Was this you, Mollys mum?


Nahhhh! this is more a molls mum thing

I knew I was destined for serious employment!! My children have been bugging me for two years now. WAIT till I show them this.

Yes, Pinkie, that is me. In the front. Who gave you that picture? Those little demons promised to burn it. Wait till I get hold of them. :imp: :imp:

moll mum, my sweetness,
you are not the signs intended target! Youre its author! Think woman! Think!

Vic, you are so far ahead of me.
Actually, I figured I was the one listing to starboard on the barstool… :confused: :neutral_face: :wink:

picking up soggy butts from the men’s urinal again?