Pimp My Ride

Can’t see a damn thing through the back window! Not so ‘smart’…

You might want to lobby for a translucent option on that dialogue box. One would think Keith would have a duty to make every window as safe as possible.

This has nothing to do with me. I joked about painting half my black Peugeot 206 with a white swirl and speechmarks, then he went and ordered himself a window sticker for real.

Now, I hate to air L&L’s dirty laundry in public, but just take another good luck at the window sticker David had specially made for his car. And then bear in mind that David is supposed to our sales guy.

There isn’t even a fricking URL on it.

Only now I’d feel bad firing him, because half of his rear heating strip is going to come away if he has to remove that monstrosity. Whilst I’m happy my employee loves his work enough to promulgate our wares like this, I am worried that our insurance policy for him doesn’t cover mental illness.

He’s been in Norwich for, like, a week. This is what happens.

Looks like a boy racers car tme. Think I can make out a baseball cap in there. S probably worn back to front. Knew there was somat dodgy about im :open_mouth:
Havinsaid that, dont be too ard on im. Probably thinks URL is a blokes name :confused:

Is that a smart “sedan”? And since I still refuse to acknowledge DMJ as a being separate from KB I am curious how KB gets the family in there? Or is the sedan a real sedan?

Why are we stuck with all the crappy gas pig cars over here?

You know, sometimes you’re so fast that it takes me several posts to get the joke. :blush:

Maybe you are going to have to start to allow for the possibility of his existence. Unless my life is going to have a twist like the end of Fight Club… If so, I hope I would at least have an imaginary friend who doesn’t stick silly stickers in the back of my car. :slight_smile: Nah, that is David’s car, and it is indeed a Smart car. Very nice it is too, although you practically have to lie down to get into the thing.

Or you could be more nefarious and simply have placed the sticker in the window of someone else’s car. Hence continuing the illusion of DMJ while not actually impeding your own comfort. Could be.

Now that you mention Fight Club I need to see that again. It has been awhile.

Which brings up a point I need to ask… I wonder what movies our scriptwriting crew has been a part of?

Best take that to: Merlin Mann On Good Software (And Scrivener) Screenwriter/author vs Director/auteur.

Try fitting literatureandlatte.com onto that sticker without blocking the entire rear view! It was considered, but who would even have a chance to see the URL as my “boy racer” 698cc engine powers that baby past your average ambling pedestrian. Keith loves the idea really. Got him a sticker too. I’ll send proof when it makes it onto his beloved Peugeot. Either that or I’ll take Jaysen’s advice and pepper his neighbour’s cars with them!

Call it a new form of swine flu marketing. Just like the swine flu, you can get it no matter how much you don’t want it.

if you create enough viral marketing excitement, you don’t NEED the url, people will go looking for it, thinking it’s the next big thing and they are missing out.

How about this for inspiration? :slight_smile:

Keith or neighbour?


Dodgy Dave,
That looks like an Aussie New South Wales Number PLate. Anyway, Grumpy`s gorra Peugeot init :confused:

I had to go a long way before I found a “Neighbour” that was willing to have their ride pimped!

Is that still on telle? !!! :open_mouth: Mind you I only watch the intellectually stimulating stuff, thats why I dont watch telle. So I wouldn`t know :confused:

Think ‘Neighbours’ and I went our separate ways shortly after Charlene left her garage dungarees behind and Scott (Jason) decided he could release an album called ‘Ten Good Reasons’ with eleven tracks on it!

Now then Dodgy Dave,
What we now require from you, is confirmation that every picture tells a tale.
`sall yours:

I am quite happy for someone to come and pimp George.