"Pin" a project to the list?

Is it possible to “pin” a project so it will always be visible when I select “Recent Projects?”

I don’t think so. But it is possible to increase the number of entries in the Recent Projects list, in the General tab of Options. You can increase it up to a maximum of 40. With a high enough number, any particular project becomes more likely to show up on the list.

Thanks for the response.

Yes, I discovered the feature you mention.

However, I’m a freelance photojournalist and I’ll do 20 or more pieces a week, so I don’t think there’s anyway I could expand it large enough. That’s why I had the idea of pinning a long term project to the top.

I do know that one work-a-round is just to open the desired project every couple days, and that will bump it back to the top of the list, but sometimes I get so busy that I forget and it rolls off.

Oh well.

If you’ve pinned Scrivener to your taskbar, you can pin a specific project to it by dragging the project’s .scrivx file from the project folder onto the Scrivener icon. You could also create a shortcut to the project directly on the desktop or pinned to the start screen.

Thanks for the response.

Yes, I have pinned Scrivener to the task bar. That was simple, right click and a menu popped up. However, I have absolutely no idea how to pin a project.

Can you help out here?

BTW, I’m using Windows 10

I just tried out MM’s suggestion, and it seems to work. In Windows Explorer, find the .scriv folder for the project you want to pin; then in that folder take the ProjectName.scrivx file and drag it onto the pinned Scrivener icon on the taskbar, and drop it there. This will create a new set of entries, “Pinned,” at the top of the right-click menu of the pinned taskbar icon. Now right-clicking that icon and clicking a pinned project will open that project, whether Scrivener is already running or not.

Awesome. Thanks. I will give it a try.