PIRATED? anybody else?

just installed the latest update ( because scrivener would no longer start (the process was live but no window would appear) and this is what i get when inserting my sn (see attached image). Obviously have written to the e-mail mentioned there, but still wondering if anybody else has the same situation or just me?

Not happened to me, but as L&L has system to detect and track pirated licenses into a “blacklist”, my hunch is that this happens, sadly, and not infrequently. How it happens probably is less clear.

We can’t handle licensing issues through the forum. Please open a support ticket, here:

It would be helpful to include your original purchase receipt, if you have it.


re: your 1st sentence:
nowhere in the post have i even hinted at requesting support through the forum

re: your 2nd sentence:
my post indicates how i handled the situation

the question is, whether you are trying to communicate that i should disregard the request on the window (see supplied sshot) and instead use the web?

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i have to say i am extremely angry at this situation. on so many levels what happened is so wrong :frowning:

Both the web form and the email address go to the same place.

You should have received an autoresponse almost immediately. If you didn’t, please check your junk folder. Since it’s the weekend, it may take a day or so for an actual human to respond.

Since this is a public forum, responses that you personally do not find helpful can still be useful to similarly situated people down the line.

I do want to apologize for the inconvenience. As developers, it’s hard to balance between preventing piracy on one hand, and accidentally locking out legitimate users on the other.


I, for one, am glad that the original poster DID post this here. I had no idea that this was happening and it is a good idea to make people aware. So, kudos to the OP.

Don Spady

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This scenario has been posted several times, from memory. Seems very rare occurrence.

@kewms didn’t say the OP shouldn’t post, just that the issue couldn’t be addressed on the forum, which is logical.

The OP did seem to get a bit testy though.


JFYI so far no e-mail reply to my query, so I am using the web form as suggested by kewms here.
I am just glad I am not on a deadline… wait a minute, I am :slight_smile: but fortunately it’s a very small story and I have enough time till the end of the month. I have also not entrusted it, or any other project for that matter, to Scrivener yet. Still using my old, trusty Office XP. Wonder if I ever dare to leave it? After this experience, I wonder if I will ever trust any writing to Scrivener? I don’t know about you, but any unpleasant situation such as this would absolutely break my writing flow and cost me at least a week of my writing time :-/

@RuffPub , absolutely right, I am more than testy. I feel absolutely awful about this situation. i am not even sure i want the scrivener license back. what for? so it can be locked away at a whim again? i dunno.

Did you receive an auto-response to your query? If not, please check your junk folder. If there’s nothing there, either, please message me with the email address you used.

I’m not on the sales team and don’t personally have the ability to address this, but I can make sure you’re connected to the appropriate people.

FWIW, it’s possible, though admittedly tedious, to recover the text of a Scrivener project without access to Scrivener itself.

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It’s not locked away on a ‘whim’. In technology, sometimes things screw up despite the best intentions.

I think it’s fair to say the overwhelming majority of Scrivener users (99.99recurring%) have not an never will experience this.

That doesn’t help you, admittedly, but give the L&L team the opportunity to assist. Take a deep breath, stiff whisky, whichever helps and keep tapping away on (SHOCK, HORROR) Office XP - How many years since that version lost support? Braver than I am using anything with XP in it. :smiley: :grinning:

Hope the small story is completed on time and achieves greatness.


Well, I hear Bill Gates still uses Windows XP. Terrible him being so rich and neurotic. What do they call it? Howard Hughes Syndrome, perhaps?

Too bad for him Scrivener doesn’t run on that OS. Don’t know if version 1.0 did, either.

re: Hope the small story is completed on time and achieves greatness.
LOL :smiley:
it will be on time as always, but the only greatness it will hopefully achieve is me figuring out how to write it without the core element (which was also part of the title), since the request, after accepting my outline, was to replace this element. not the first time too. january was absolutely the same :smiley:. they are very nice people though, love working with them.

re: I’m not on the sales team and don’t personally have the ability to address this, but I can make sure you’re connected to the appropriate people.

thank you for your offer. i will get in touch if need be

re: Windows XP

XP was a true revolution in its time, but manual defragmenting was a major pain. IMHO Win 7 was a wonderful replacement. i would love to stick to it. but obviously each to his own :slight_smile:

re: keep tapping away on (SHOCK, HORROR) Office XP - How many years since that version lost support?

actually i have just bought a second license, the developer edition that i could never afford back in the day :wink: i still use it on win10 and the only issue i have is that some UI fonts are too thin on my new 4k monitor. i hope to do something about it, sadly nothing worked so far. the next office version - 2003 - fixes this issue though. i think it must have been programmed extremely well. it really holds up tremendously. i also use the latest office on another pc and it has crashed on me (word and excel) more times in a month than office XP in a year. it’s very stable.

Win 7 remains my favourite Win version.

I have it on one system that I keep off the net, but day to day run Win 11 ARM64 as a Vm on my Mac.

I run Office 21 on Mac and 0ffice 2016? on the Win machine. Both stable.

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JFYI should i get banned from this forum, i will write about my experiences somewhere on the web. i have currently prepared the following blog: https://scrivenerblacklisting.wordpress.com/ but should it be taken down, you may be able to find me by googling the following: karelt scrivener blacklisting

You’re not going to get banned for accurately describing your experiences. Some reasons why you might get banned are discussed here:

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