Pixellated Corkboard Background[BUG LOGGED]

Rapid scrolling with a notecard selected when you have a split view leads to the corkboard background becoming pixellated. It goes away when you click anywhere in the program.

It shouldn’t be very high up on the bug fix but just something I thought you should know.

I second this, not really concerned with it though since that really is just for looks. But it happens for me when scrolling quickly.

This also happens when Scrivener’s been open a long while but instead of it only occurring with rapid scrolling it does it with slow.

Happens for me, too, on a Win7, Intel i5 processor.

I would note, too, that in my experience a click is not necessary to depixelize the background image. Simply moving the mouse onto the area of the screen containing the corkboard will unfreeze the background image. However, if the mouse is moved along the scroll bar, or sideways to a different portion of the screen, then the corkboard remains frozen.

With the corkboard background, the freezing doesn’t look too bad, but if future features allow a customized background image, you could wind up with someone’s forehead taking up half the screen. But, yes, merely cosmetic at this point.

That happens for me too :slight_smile:

I’m just happy I got it up and running again! I redownloaded it and got rid fo a “read only” option that had been selected, and then I was able to open it up from the tutorial and then it kept working. I have no idea what exactly fixed it, but something did! :smiley: